No enrollment fees. Pay as you go. Suspend service at any time.

Sign-up by phone,(602) 550-0330,
or reply by email, (provide phone number 
all registrations must be completed through phone verification).

Pick-up location and pickup time will be determined - Service is provided every OTHER week - same day, same time.

Orders  - USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC fruits and vegetables.
cash, check, credit/debit cards accepted. 

Sizes and pricing determined by specific pickup location.

Contents in each order provides a discount (~25-30%) as compared to retail  grocery prices. The produce is the finest and freshest available locally and regionally. 

To obtain name on roster, call (602)550-0330 - simple information will be verified (name phone, email), along with a $10.00 charge that applies to your 1st order.
On each scheduled date:
* arrive during allowable time,
* bring cash or check (save credit card processing fee)

* You can miss any and as many pickup dates as you need - should you need to miss a scheduled pickup, notice MUST be emailed 5 days in advance of the upcoming pickup date.
Our Organics welcomes the opportunity 
to support your healthy lifestyle.