Sampling of previous basket items - All items 100% ORGANIC

Carrots   Mangos   Cantaloupe   Mushrooms, Oyster   Chard, Rainbow   Tomatoes   Strawberries

Kiwifruit   Broccoli    Arugula    Lettuce, Romaine Hearts   Cauliflower   Potatoes, Red

Sweet Peppers (red, yellow, orange)   Cucumbers   Grapes, Seedless, (green)       

        Avocados, Hass   Watermelon   Squash (exotic zucchini)


Beets, Golden   Cucumbers (Armenian)   Tomatoes (Beefsteak)    Baby Spinach    Lettuce,     

 Red Leaf     Broccoli    Avocados, Hass    Celery   Garlic    Green Onions

Carrots   Kale   Ginger   Apples, Pink Lady   Navel Orangs    Nectarines

plums     pineapple   raspberries



Avocados    Broccoli      Spring Mix     Bell Peppers     Radish    Parsley    Corn   

Romaine lettuce      Mushrooms      Strawberries    Peaches    Apples, Gala  

                    Pineapple   Bananas    Black Seedless Grapes   Limes   Blueberries    Pears



Every basket is prepared with fresh variety of veggies and fruits. Any item(s) not desired can be replaced with extra of another item OR a deduct from the cost  of basket. Custom orders are only available with case quanties and prepaid week of scheduled delivery.

In regards to basket  sizes, many start with the small size. Most with children will change to large basket. Large baskets have greatest value and is just right for families.


2 most important items to members:

Pickup baskets every other week at the allowable times.

(Make sure to note your calendars.)

Notice must be given if skipping a scheduled delivery, see guidelines for information.